The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigates recent Tesla cars crashes


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the U.S. began investigate a Tesla car 2015 model crash wich occurred four day ago into the back of a parked Walmart Freightliner tractor-trailer at a rest area near Gainesville along Interstate 75 in Florida killing two people.It was not specified yer if the Tesla car was operating on one of the company’s partially automated driving systems. NHTSA is intensifying efforts to understand the risks posed by automated vehicle technology, according a recent declaration of newly Administrator Steven Cliff. Under different circumstances, several Tesla cars were involved in accidents. 37 crashes related to automated driving systems since 2016 included 30 involving Tesla.


A fatal pedestrian crash in California involving a Tesla Model 3 that happened this month. NHTSA is also currently looking into 16 crashes in which Tesla owners using Autopilot crashed into stationary emergency vehicles, resulting in 15 injuries and one fatality. Tesla’s crashes happened while vehicles were using Autopilot, “Full Self-Driving,” Traffic Aware Cruise Control, or other driver-assist systems that have some control over speed and steering. Tesla receive real-time crash reports of its brand cars, using telematics to monitor after they are sold. A necessary update of NHTSA standards may occur. Auto safety advocates expect this.