Air traffic controller in North Carolina arrested for bomb possession


In fact, it was a homemade pipe bomb and police received a 911 call about this. Members of the CMPD Bomb Squad also responded and confirmed that it was a homemade pipe bomb. Investigations revealed that another man, 39-year-old Derrick Fells, built the bomb to “use it against a neighbor with whom he was involved in an ongoing dispute.” The second man was arrested too and charged with three counts of manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Dandan’s access to the airport “was terminated,” being limited only offsite air traffic control tower. Dandan  is held on $45,000 bond. He is also a volunteer with the Long Creek Volunteer Fire Department. As this moment is unclear how this case will be considered. It can be only speculated about the big risk which existed in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. However, what really was in Dandan’s mind is not yet known. Law enforcement sources confirmed that the FBI is involved in the investigation as well.


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