Twitter departing employee deactivated for minutes the account of President Trump


“We are continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again.” Later was clarified the account was deactivated by a departing company employee. According to Tor Ekeland , a prominent attorney for cybersecurity issues, there is a reasonable chance the Twitter employee violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The legislation states that unauthorized use of a “protected” computer system is against the law. “The employee could be in a lot of trouble. This was not just unauthorized access, but damage,” said Ekeland. He also suggested that causing $5,000 worth of damage could carry a 10-year prison .


“This person managed to do the impossible: Shut down the Twitter account of the most powerful man in the world, a journalist (Madeleine Marr) observed. Mr.President Trump was not pleased by others were. Some of them declared themselves happy. Twitter was flooded with people wanting to congratulate the employee responsible. But the outage also vexed many of Trump’s followers. Trump has been using that account since 2009; it now counts more than 41 million followers.


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