Evacuations forced by the Pipeline Fire in Arizona


Hundreds of people (a total of 690 households) were evacuated and thousands more received warnings to be prepared to do it because the in Arizona. It was first reported Sunday on the right slope of the San Francisco Peaks just six miles north of Flagstaff and has grown to 4,500 acres and continues to grow. burns near communities. At risk were areas of Timberline, Doney Park, Kachina Peaks Wilderness Area, the watershed, tribal lands and cultural sites to the north. Flagstaff is also “very much threatened.”Flagstaff Mayor Paul Deasy signed a declaration of emergency for the on Monday, citing “conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property.” The Federal Emergency Management Agency will assist the state through federal funds. About 600 fire personnel were working on the fire by Monday evening. Air tankers and helicopters were deployed yo the wildfire area.


The cause of the blaze is under investigation but authorities arrested a 57-year-old man Sunday in connection with the fire. Deputies were told there was a white pickup truck seen leaving the area of the Pipeline Fire and arrested the driver. The man was charged with federal natural resource violations. A shelter for displaced families has been set up at Flagstaff’s Sinagua Middle School. Two other fires were burning nearby to the northeast — the Haywire Fire and the Double Fire, which are expected to merge. Less than two months ago, hundreds of households in Flagstaff were forced to evacuate due to the Tunnel Fire which burned about 19,000 acres.