Shooting with three victims at a Walmart in Colorado


Thornton is.a city of about 136,000 in the suburbs north of Denver. Three deaths (two men, one woman) were reported by the police. Two others were treated at North Suburban Medical Center, the closest hospital to the Walmart. People panicked at the scene. They flooded the parking lot of the nearby Golden Corral restaurant, which overlooks the shopping center from the south. “They were running like crazy”, a  witness said.  It was unclear whether the gunman was among those shot.

Ambulance at the scene of

Hundreds of emergency responders ringed shopping complex for hours after the was reported  The Thornton Police Department urged people to stay away from the area. Streets leading to the area were blocked by emergency vehicles, and police officers armed with long guns were standing at intersections. No one was in custody. Detectives reviewed security footage at the Walmart store and interviewed witnesses for assistance on suspect(s) description/information. One bus took 48 witnesses to Thornton police. Thornton Police Department did not immediately release any information about the circumstances of the or who was responsible for it.


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