Participants at hundreds marches in the U.S. asked for stricter gun laws


Hundreds of marches with tens of thousands participants, holding up signs, took place simultaneously in the U.S. asking for stricter gun laws. Rallies also took place in big cities: Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Protesters made it clear to politicians they want better gun control. Participants used slogans like “I want freedom from getting shot”, „Am I next ?” , “Enough is enough”, “I Want to Feel Safe at School” or „Protect our lives from guns !” The marches followed several deadly mass shootings. In many places, survivors of attacks addressed crowds. On Saturday, gun safety group March For Our Lives – founded by survivors of the 2018 Parkland school shooting in Florida – said some 450 rallies would be held across the country. MFOL has called for an assault weapons ban, universal background checks for those trying to purchase guns and a national licensing system, which would register gun owners.


Survivors of mass shootings and other incidents of gun violence have lobbied legislators and testified on Capitol Hill this week. However, at least until now, any attempt to change the law is likely to be blocked by Republicans. They believe gun limits violate the US Constitution’s Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. President Joe Biden, who was in California when the Washington rally began, backed the protests and urged demonstrators to “keep marching.” More than 19,300 people have died in gun-related incidents in the US this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The large people movement must change things, they say and hope.