A truck striked several people to death on a bike path down the West SideHighway


He came to a stop when his truck crashed into a school bus beneath the Tribeca bridge. At least six people were killed and 15 others were injured. The driver exited the vehicle with what appeared to be a gun and was shot by police. After, he was taken to the hospital for treatment being in the police custody. ‘When I ran up the bridge, I saw this dude with two guns. The guy with the two guns, for some reason, was running around. He was getting chased,” a witness said. People panicked in the area.

Localization of the incident

Emergency  services attended scene. Photos from the scene showed a badly damaged Home Depot rental pickup truck in the middle of the road. Police are considering terrorism as part of the investigation. A large number of police vehicles could be seen near West Street and Chambers Street in Tribeca. The incident occurred near the World Trade Center site and memorial in Manhattan. Mayor Bill de Blasio has been briefed on the situation, and was at the scene. Also President Trump been briefed on the incident.


8 people death, 12 injured in this attack. Tourists from Argentina and Belgium among dead.


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