Former President Barack Obama to serve in Cook County jury


Chief Judge Tim Evans told that adjustments would be made to accommodate Obama’s security detail, but he could not say the date or courthouse location where the former president is expected to report. “His safety will be uppermost in our minds.” Oprah Winfrey and A-Team star Mr T (Lawrence Tureaud) have also were been called for jury service  in Cook County. Jurors can be called for civil or criminal pools to any of the county’s city or suburban courthouses.


Jurors in Cook County are paid 17.20 US dollars (£13.10) for each day of service but is more about the public appreciation here. Mr Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago before becoming president. He also served as a senior lecturer at the Chicago Law School. He has been summoned for Chicago jury service before, in 2010, but he was unable to attend because he was president of the US at the time. The former President has a home in the Kenwood area of Chicago, as well as a property in Washington. The 56-year-old ex-leader is registered to vote in Chicago.


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