A 10-year-old boy in Ohio chassed by police drove a stolen car exceeding 100mph


The boy’s car was then quickly surrounded by troopers demanding that he immediately roll down his window. The car the boy used, a 2004 Toyota Avalon, was stolen. It was of his mother’s boyfriend. The boy’s mother followed him too in her car, in the hope to stop him. At least four Ohio highway patrol troopers then picked up the chase.

Moment of the car chasse

The boy was driving erratically but the chase reached speeds of 100 miles an hour. This culminated about an hour after it began. No injuries were reported. The boy tried to spit police  in their faces and kicked one trooper in the shin. He was then taken into custody being presented to a hospital as a precaution. “It was very lucky no one was hurt,” Sgt. Tim Hoffman of the highway patrol told. The boy’s joyride was the second in as many weeks, according to police. He was stopped on Interstate 90 with three flat tires Oct. 16 after taking his mother’s car because he was bored.


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