An oil rig explosion in Lake Pontchartrain injured many people


Later it was said there were “a lot of injuries,” many of them serious, with at least seven confirmed and more expected. One person is unaccounted for. Five people were taken to the University Medical Center and two people were taken to the East Jefferson General Hospital. Flames could be seen on the lake Sunday night from the area around the Kenner boat launch. Authorities asked that residents avoid the area as much as possible.

Explosion on the oil platform

The Coast Guard Station New Orleans sent a boat and air crew to search for the missing victim. Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Jefferson County Parish, and St. Charles Parish also have marine units on scene. The owner of the rig is Clovelly Oil Co. and that it’s a production platform called a co-mingling facility where oil is drawn from several different oil fields. The cause of the incident is unknown.The Coast Guard will be conducting a water quality evaluation as well as the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. Jefferson Parish drinking water will remain safe because it is pulled from the Mississippi River.


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