Romney borrows Campaign Theme from Obama ’08 Campaign


Romney used the campaign themes that made Barack Obama, the current President of America in 2008. In Cincinnati Ohio on Thursday, Mitt Romney said time after time that he was the nominee of big change all through his dialogue which is nothing but a repeat of Barack Obama’s election slogan for his past Presidency. He repetitively used this axiom of big change over 10 times during his speech at Cincinnati rally and melding it into his broader critique of Obama. He said that this is a serious time for the country and talked about some major challenges faced by the economy such as poor performance of education sector, lack of job opportunities and increase in debt. He said that to face these challenges U.S. economy needs big changes and he assured the gathered mass that he will be the right person to bring in such changes to strengthen America.

While being vocal about his own campaign agenda, Romney also disapproved Obama’s campaign idea. He said that, Obama campaign is falling because he is talking about less important things rather than focusing on the gigantic challenges that our economy is facing, and that’s the reason why he is considering Ohio to cast vote for the big change.

Mitt Romney further added that this election is not about him and it’s also not about the Republican Party. He affirmed that, it’s about America and it’s about the American families. On the other side of the story, in response to the Romney bash, Obama campaign on Thursday said that, President Obama has made a particular plan for the second time and the plan will assist U.S. economy to deal with the mammoth challenges that the country faces.

Mitt Romney also said that he wants not only to take part in the election and vote before time but also discover additional people who are interested in ballot vote for the other side. Strive to fetch them to the polling stations to make sure they will vote so that Ohio will be able to send an apparent message that we want a big change.

Obama will arrive at Cleveland to induce the followers to cast vote for him early and on Thursday he will be reaching Chicago to vote for himself. Obama and Romney are both aiming at Ohio which is one of the most crucial states as it has 18 electoral votes and moreover no Republican has ever won the Presidential election without winning in Ohio.


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