Evacuations forced due to massive wildfires in Napa and Sonoma counties


Powerful winds aggravated situation. Winds were consistently around 15 miles per hour .Vast swaths of land were burning in both counties. Residents in the area were fleeing for their lives in the middle of the night from the fire, in cars or on foot. Three evacuation centers for Napa County people were opened. The fire had started Sunday in Calistoga and burned west through canyons and over hills. The fast-moving fire jumped the 101 Freeway, forcing hospitals to be evacuated and burning homes and businesses.

Wildfire in Napa County

All scheduled appointments and surgeries have been canceled for the day in Santa Rosa and the Napa Medical Offices. Smoke from the fires drifted into the Bay Area, into San Francisco and as far south as San Jose. No deaths have been reported yet in Napa County, though people are being treated at local hospitals for injuries. There is no estimated how many structures have burned. Upwards of 300 firefighters are battling the blazes.The cause is under investigation.


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