Walmart will simplify next month the return procedure for items purchased online


Consumers can do so by logging them on the Walmart app, generating a QR code for the transaction, and then walking into a physical Walmart store to return the items quickly. When orders are  with bulky items, customers can simply keep them and still get a refund, a program it referred to as “keep it”. Being able to return an online purchase in a store lets the customer get a refund credited to an account instantly, rather than having to wait for the item to be returned in the mail. Mobile Express Returns is due to launch in November of this year and get rolled out to all of Walmart’s 4,700 stores in the U.S. will also expand in 2018 to cover third-party sellers on’s online marketplace.


“It’s thinking about how we can create a more seamless shopping experience… When something is bought online and attempted to be returned in the store, customers … expect [that they] can come back to the store and return it. We didn’t appreciate how sophisticated we had to be.,” Daniel Eckert, SVP, WalmartServices and Digital Acceleration, Walmart U.S., said to media. The new service is useful for Walmart in another way: it will serve as a new route to getting people into the physical stores to shop more overall , not just to exchange items.


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