Hip parents punish teen in a weird way


But a Wisconsin couple managed to keep up with the teen trend. They found a totally different way to punish their daughter.

If you are also a parent and are currently wondering what still works on your kid then these parents have the answer you were looking for. Social-media injury can prove very effective if you want to punish your kid really bad. Although some might compare this to cyber bullying this method is nothing like it.

Father and mother of Reddit user AustinMac have punished their daughter by first taking away her mobile phone. Next the two hip parents photographed themselves with goofy faces and uploaded all the photos to her Facebook profile. Parents that still manage to successfully punish their children do it by inflicting emotional pain.

To top things off Reddit user AustinMac, brother of the punished teen, uploaded photos of his parents on the internet and shared them with the world. The Reddit user explained: “My parents took away my sister’s phone for the week,” and next they injured her social media reputation “They’ve uploaded about 10 photos of themselves while making goofy looking faces to the camera into her Facebook account. Doing it right!”


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