Tropical storm Nate considered with precaution for its potential development


Nate is still more than a thousand miles away from Alabama on Thursday. “I think over the next 24 hours we’ll be able to lock in a lot more,” said Jason Beaman, the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Mobile. The meteorologists send weather balloons and aircrafts in reconnaissance missions to determine what exactly the steering currents look like.

Tropical storm Nate forecast

Some observations were processed suggesting future development. “This system is still organizing, it’s interacting with land down there in the Caribbean right now, so it’s still somewhat of a disorganized system and those are more challenging to forecast, especially when we’re talking about two, three, four days out.” A warning for sea navigation was issued by the U.S. Coast Guard specifically for the ports of Mobile and New Orleans. Alabama will feel the effects of the storm even if its center comes ashore farther to the west. Some factors working against Nate storm intensification are however expected to manifest. Winds, coastal flooding and storm surge remain potential threats.


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