Obama wins the Final Presidential Debate


Though a debate cannot help someone win presidential election to large scale but debates can surely damage a candidate’s reputation. It is still better to win the debate rather than losing it as winning a debate matters a lot especially during last stage of the election. A lot of people make their decisions based on these debates.

Last night, a member of CBC News, John Dickerson raised his voice saying that Romney did not deserve to win. If we talk about the smile of both candidates, Obama and Romney, we will get to know that both have nice smile that is their window to the soul of television. In last night show, John Biden’s was looked tensed and this can be clearly observed from his smile. People judge a lot about a person’s smile on television screen. A smile reflects disgust, warmth and kindness. In case, your smile is interpreted negatively by the public, you and your message are misunderstood. Last night, everyone observed etched expressions on Romney’s face, showing his state of anxiety from the beginning to the end. Obama seemed satisfied and contented.

Body language is another factor that tells a lot about a person’s state of mind. In case of presidential Hofstra debate, body language factor is considered a lot. Every single moment of the candidates was observed and remarks were given. From the time, all candidates stepped towards stage, their facial expressions when they saw each other and their body language when they pointed off in each other’s faces, was noticed. Public make judgments by the body languages of the candidates whether they were restrained or comfortable. Romney is excellent in showing a perfect prospect commander in chief position. He seemed confident in last two presidential debates and his head was always in a righteous position that showed his confidence. However, the last debate was a challenge for Romney as well and he looked tensed at certain points. When the conversation was going on about the budgets, Romney was found scribbling on a piece of paper. He was not paying attention to the debate.

Obama’s speech was his weapon that helped him in winning the debate as he used strong words and showed his full confidence throughout the session.


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