A skydiving instructor of Houston has died after a parachute failed to open


A skydiving instructor has died due to injuries after a parachute failed to open during a tandem jump with a student woman in Waller County in the weekend. The accidend occurred in a residential area in the 1600 block of Kitty Hawk Dr. “He let off his primary and then the secondary shoot like opened halfway up so he didn’t fall like a straight fall, he was like 50 percent shoot, like a corkscrew,” said a witness. The instructor died in a trauma center. The woman was also hospitalized and is expected to survive even she has serious injuries. Such accidents are however rares, the Skydive Houston company noted. „Over the past 10 years, the United States Parachute Association has recorded one student fatality per 500,000 jumps, on average.” „Our sincerest condolences are extended to his friends and family. We continue to pray for a full recovery for the injured tandem student,” the statement said. A FAA investigation is ongoing. Jump operations were suspended.


The Skydive Houston, located only 32 miles from Houston, has a good reputation. „Get ready to jump ! „ is their slogan on the official website. Their price for a jump is 179 on weekdays and $199 on weekends. The company operates jumps from 10,000 feet. Their tandem instructors are USPA and UPT certified. The customers are happy for their experience.