Obama Ad Hits Foreign Policy


The Ad also highlighted President’s efforts to wind down the war in Afghanistan. One of the narrators said that. President Obama has already ended the war with Iraq and almost 30,000 US soldiers are back from Afghanistan, which shows that he has indeed real plans to put an end to the war between the two countries. All these facts and figures were presented in the Ad, however, the Ad did not depict the fact that 30,000 soldiers were withdrew by president Obama. It was said that this troop was rushed back when President took charge of the office.  The Ad then onto criticizes Romney by saying that he would never have called 30,000 troops from Afghanistan. It also showed that Romney criticizing president Obama for withdrawal of 30,000 troops and his view that it would be the biggest mistake of his government. Romney also criticized that ending the war with Afghanistan would be the biggest mistake ever.

In the conclusion, the narrator said it is not the right time to fight over such issues. The content of this Ad agrees with the presidential debate on foreign policy. In this presidential debate, President Obama was expected to challenge Romney over the issue of war between United States and Afghanistan. A memo written by the chairperson of the Foreign Relation Committee, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass was also released to reporters. In this memo, strict criticism was made on Romney for not highlighting in his convention speech the issue of ending war with Afghanistan. In addition, no plans were released by Romney for ending the 11-year war.

Kerry mentioned in a memo that Democrat candidate Mitt Romney focused on some security issues and explained only specific policies that indicates how he would handle the security issues. No remarks have been made about any Presidential candidate. Dan Senor, the advisor of Romney said in response to this news Ad on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Romney is also tensed and concerned about the war in Afghanistan. Romney and went to suggest that it also supports 2014 transition. However, censors reported that Romney had some sort of issues in negotiation in dealing with Taliban in regard to the withdrawal of the United States troops from Afghanistan. Some analysts of foreign policy gave their remarks over the debate that when it comes to foreign debate; Obama and Romney mostly differ in terms of symbols.


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