Eleven people were injured at a Cars and Coffee event in Boise by man driving a Porche


“One body after another going flying up in the air, and shoes flying everywhere, and cellphones … And after that it was sheer screaming,”  a witness described the moment of the unexpected incident. The victims had serious but not critical injuries, said Boise Police Lt. Charles LeBar. A military medic who happened to be there was among those helping the injured. Some of those injured were children.


The driver of the sports car was not hurt. The investigation is ongoing and that it will be forwarded to the Ada County prosecutor for possible charges once completed. The driver’s name has not been released. Police closed part of Overland on Saturday morning as they investigated the crash. According to its Facebook profile, Cars and Coffee “is about getting automotive enthusiasts to gather on a. frequent basis to share their passions”. The event has occurred each month since 2013. In a statement to the Statesman, the organization said: “Speed, racing or any other types of driving are not part of the event. This accident occurred on a public road and was the driver’s sole decision. … We do not condone exhibition of speed on any level on public roads.”


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