A single comic book page with Spider-Man sold for millions at auction


A single black and white comic book page from a 1984 issue of Spider-Man – which debuted the now-iconic black costume – sold for $3.36 million at auction in Dallas, Texas, last week. Bidding for the page began at $330,000. No information about the buyer or seller was provided. The previous record for a single page of a comic was $657,250. Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in the Marvel comic book Amazing Fantasy, no 15 in 1962. In the story, Spider-Man has had the ability to cling to walls. He also has a healing factor that allows him to recover from injuries sustained during battle. Unlike most superheroes, Spider-Man does not have a single villain. Marvel has featured Spider-Man in several comic book series.The series has gone to spawn several films, including most recently Spider-Man: No Way Home starring Tom Holland. The character was first portrayed in live action by Danny Seagren in Spidey Super Stories.


When Marvel became the first comic book company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1991, The Wall Street Journal announced “Spider-Man is coming to Wall Street.” “We could not be happier, especially for our consignor, who bought the art in the late 1980s and treasured these pages ever since,” Joe Mannarino, New York director of comics and comic art for Heritage Auctions, said in a press statement. “Today’s results prove what we’ve long been saying: Comic book art is as beloved and valuable as anything put on canvas.” Stan Lee once told media that when the character was introduced, he “never realized that Spider-Man would be around” after even a half-century.