An young hockey player died on ice during a game in Brunswick, Connecticut


A high school ice hockey player, has died after an unexpected accident which occurred on Thursday evening during a game at Brunswick School, a preparatory school in Greenwich, Connecticut. The victim, Teddy Balkind, was a player of the St. Luke visitor team. He fell to the ice and a Brunswick player was unable to stop and collided with him. The St. Luke’s player’s neck was cut by the skate blade. The boy was treated by Brunswick medical staff before he was transported to the Greenwich Hospital , but “tragically, he did not survive the operation,” Brunswick officials said. “Teddy skated for the New Canaan Winter Club throughout his youth hockey career and was known to all as an all-around incredible young man, son and brother,” the New Canaan Police Department said in a statement. “We are devastated; an unimaginable tragedy,” Brunswick Head of School Thomas Philip said in a statement. St. Luke’s school was closed Friday.


“Our community is mourning,” St. Luke’s Head of School Mark Davis said in a statement. Both schools made arrangement for counseling and support the hockey teams. “Tragedies such as this are hard to process and impossible to understand. We will do all we can in the coming days and weeks to help and support those in our community and in the St Luke’s community. We ask that everyone say a prayer for the boy, his family, and all those impacted by this horrible accident,” Brunswick’s Head of School Thomas Philip said. The hashtag #SticksOutForTeddy is trending on social media.