Hurricane Irma on its path of destruction


UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the UN has sent a humanitarian team to the island of to work with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency to help hurricane victims. The islands of Antigua and Barbuda were the first to be hit by Irma, with heavy rain and winds of up to 185mph.

Hurricane Irma in action
Hurricane Irma in action

At least 900,000 people without power and nearly 50,000 without water in Puerto Rico. Because previously were financial problems, the power supply may not be restored for up to six months. Destruction across the Caribbean reduced islands to rubble. St Martin’s airport, the third largest in the Caribbean, has been destroyed. Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas and finally  Florida will be the next to be hit until Sunday. Governor Rick Scott in Florida described the storm as “life-threatening”, telling people to follow evacuation orders because “you can rebuild your home – you cannot rebuild your life”. Two other hurricanes, Katia and Jose, formed in the same region expected to drift towards the coast of Mexico on Thursday with winds of 75mph, “Believe me, not good,” US President told reporters at the White House.


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