U.S Military is preparing to avoid disaster at impact with Hurricane Irma


The Commander of the US Navy Region Southeast ordered the “mandatory evacuation of non-essential personnel and dependents from NAS Key West to safe haven within 300 miles of Atlanta, Georgia.” Aircraft, including fixed-wing planes and helicopters will be moving inland from Jacksonville and Mayport, Florida. Submarines are preparing to evacuate or have been evacuated from Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia.


The USS Iwo Jima and USS New York are due to leave Mayport, Florida as early as Tuesday and head to Norfolk to load up with disaster supplies. The US Air Force is also preparing plans to “relocate the majority of F-16 aircraft from Homestead Air Reserve Base in southern Florida.” The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron based at Keesler Air Force Base will make its duty to help monitor the storm’s development. False news claiming an inexistent Category 6 for Hurricane Irma on some websites were unveiled by the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service. On Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center only said Irma was “potentially catastrophic” with life-threatening wind, storm surge and rainfall hazards.


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