The „wishing tree” in Vista, California


People in a neighborhood in Vista, California, are proceeding in a different way preparing for Christmas in December. They decorate a tree in a public place not with the traditional ornaments but with handwritten notes expressing hopes, dreams or gratitude. This became a tradition started a few years ago. And the tree is full of them every year including this one. “I wrote, ‘I want COVID to be gone,’ because COVID isn’t that great. I’ve already been quarantined from my class two times,” an eight year aged boy said. The „” is emotionally perceived as a very interesting optimistic thing because it’s a special way to communicate between humans. The hope is a way to manifest the good side of everyone and most residents believe this tree brings the true spirit of the holiday. In fact, if children expect to communicate their dreams to Santa, the mature people know that things may happen if they really want it.


The „” is like their golden fish in life, they can ask something expecting to receive an answer from the Universe. The local authorities participate too.