Los Angeles police accidentally killed a young girl when they fired after a suspect in a Burlington store


A 14-year-old girl in a dressing room was struck by a possible stray bullet fired by police at a Burlington store formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory in North Hollywood, Thursday. Officers opened fire on a man as he attacked another person in the store crowded with holiday shoppers. Another woman who was the victim in the initial assault report that brought officers to the store was hospitalized. Details about her condition were not immediately available but Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Nicholas Prange said that woman had moderate to serious injuries. The suspect who attacked others inside the store was also killed. Witnesses said a man began swinging some kind of a chain and attacking customers inside the store. However it was not immediately clear whether the man also had a gun. Police found a heavy metal cable lock near the suspect that they say may have been used in that assault.


It was not said how many officers opened fire or how many rounds were fired. Officers had no way of seeing into the dressing room and did not realize the girl was inside when they opened fire. Investigators do not yet know whether the teenager was in the dressing room before the violence began or ran in there to hide. Police escorted people out of the store nearly two hours after the incident. Authorities have not released the identities of the suspect or victims. The California Department of Justice investigates the shooting.