The billionaire Mark Cuban bought an entire little town in Texas


The billionaire , with a net worth of nearly $6 billion, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, bought the entire town of Mustang, Texas, 77 acres surface, with a population of 23 people. Mustang also included a building owned by the Mustang Volunteer Fire Department and a pond with an alligator. The town was founded in the early 1970s, when it was known mostly as a local watering hole in an otherwise dry Navarro County. Dallas is about 45 minutes north. It has a trailer park and a strip club, Wispers Cabaret, where previously where a murder occurred, which is reportedly in disrepair. The name of the club had been edited to “Mark Cubaret.” There is no local government body in the town. “I don’t know what if anything I will do with it,” Cuban told media. „A buddy needed to sell it,” he added. It’s not clear what Cuban paid. The town went onto the market for $4 million back in 2017.


When moved to Dallas, on July 1982, he first found work as a bartender for a Greenville Avenue bar. After, he was a salesperson for Your Business Software, one of the earliest PC software retailers in Dallas. Cuban started his own company, MicroSolution, which was an early proponent of technologies such as Carbon Copy, Lotus Notes and CompuServe. In 1990, Cuban sold MicroSolutions to CompuServe for $6 million. He had interest in Indiana Hoosier college basketbal. His fortune was made with Audionet / and Landmark Theatres, a chain of 58 arthouse movie theaters. He was an owner of IceRocket, a search engine that scours the blogosphere for content, a partner in RedSwoosh, publisher children books … and more, and more. He owns film distributor Magnolia Pictures. On January 4, 2000, Cuban purchased a majority stake in the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks for $285 million and after expressed interest in other sport businesses.