Biggest lottery jackpot winner in history wants to celebrate by hiding in bed


The woman worked in the same medical centre for 32 years, and upon receiving the good news of her new found fortune she called her employer and quit for an early retirement. She recalled how she initially found she won, before getting the official confirmation: “Actually I just happened to find out,” she said. “I was leaving work at night. And my colleague Rob said I bet someone won with these numbers, as they could be birthdays… And I was reading them out, and I said ‘I’ve won!'”.

Ms Wanczyck bought the single-winner jackpot ticket in her hometown, 90 miles away from Boston.
When asked what determined her to play exactly the winning numbers, Wanczyck said the numbers might look random but some have meaning: some numbers are for example birthdays. “There’s a thing between me and my mum and stepfather, and we all go out for dinner once a week and play Keno. And our number is four. So that was one of them”, the woman ended. Ms Wanczyck financial situation before all of this was ok. As she explained to the press, she was not the richest person in the world, nor the poorest person in the world.

Wanczyck photographed with the check for the biggest US lottery Powerball prize in history

US lottery Powerball winners have the option to receive the money all at once in a single payment for a smaller amount or in 30 annual allotments over 29 years. Wanczyck did not communicate to the press how she will request the prize.


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