Shooting incident at a North Carolina mall


A North Carolina mall at The Streets at Southpoint was evacuated after a shooting occurred on Friday afternoon, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Multiple shots were fired. Videos posted on social media showed mall visitors running from the scene. People were stampeding. Everyone tried to evacuate from the parking lot too. “The gun sounds were followed by what sounded like a wave of rain on a tin roof as everyone started screaming, running, and pushing each other,” a witness said. At least three people were shot on the second floor. The conditions of the victims are unknown. Three more were injured while evacuating the mall. DPD is investigating. Motorists were advised to avoid the area. One person is in custody in relation to the shooting but most of those involved with the shooting fled after the incident. Police found that the shooting took place after an argument between two groups who knew each other.


“This is not a situation where someone came into the mall and indiscriminately began firing,” Police Chief said. A 10-year-old was injured at the scene by a ricochet bullet. The child was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Streets at Southpoint was shut down for the remainder of the day. The mall will reopen Saturday. Durham Police Chief Patrice Andrews said: “Shootings in this city have got to stop.”