Blogger from San Francisco hired someone to slap him


Because he was concerned he was not very productive he measured his productivity level with a mobile application called RescueTime.

Maneesh was not satisfied to learn that he was productive only 38% of the time he was working. This is why he came up with this crazy idea: “What if he had someone to slap him while he was wasting time?” He posted an ad on international online classifieds site in which he was looking for someone to slap him in case he’s wasting time. He was willing to pay $8 per hour.

Maneesh’s ad received 20 responses within the first hour. Out of all the volunteers he chose Kara, a female blogger that wanted the job. Kara not only slapped Maneesh when he was no longer productive but also helped him with answers for different questions and in general with feedback. After measuring his productivity levels again with the same mobile application Maneesh reached 98% productivity.


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