Thefts of SUV seats is on the rise


Police checked the video surveillance from a camera that captured the entire theft. Three thieves broke into the back of the parked SUV and executed the theft in just 40 seconds.

Police noted that you don’t need to own an expensive car to be the victim of such thieves. In California and Texas numerous such cases were reported. It appears that the third row of seats in SUV vehicles is often worn out or damaged. Getting these seats replaced in a dealership can cost up to few thousand dollars.

Thieves usually get several hundred dollars for selling these seats and can sometime even get close to $1000. There are ads on Craiglist in which the entire third row of seats from an SUV is being sold for $1000. That’s quite a good pay off for a 40 second job. Police eventually catches some of these thieves but they don’t know where to return the recovered seats. This is why we are all advised to engrave the vehicle identification number somewhere on those seats (preferably on the bottom).



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