USS destroyer John S. McCain collided with an oil and chemical tanker east of Singapore, 10 sailors are missing


The US navy said the warship had “sustained damage to her port side aft.” The collision occurred at 6:24 a.m. Japan Standard Time. There is a massive search and rescue underway, involving tug boats out of Singapore and helicopters. The warship is named after John S. McCain, Sr., and John S. McCain, Jr., both Admirals in the U.S. Navy, and the grandfather and father, respectively, of the Arizona senator. Japan. It was commissioned in 1994 and has a crew of 23 officers, 24 chief petty officers and 291 enlisted sailors.


The John S McCain was in service in the 2003 Iraq war, the Korean peninsula and Japan. This is the second collision involving a ship from the navy’s 7th Fleet in the Pacific in two months. Seven sailors died in June when the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship hit each other in waters off Japan. The Fitzgerald and John S McCain are both ballistic missile defence (BMD) capable ships and part of the same Japan-based destroyer squadron. he waterways around Singapore are some of the busiest and most important in the world, carrying around a quarter of the world’s trade in goods and oil.


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