Secret Perversion Files Cast Light on Boy Scout Tortures


Authorities are accused of maltreating children. This information was leaked when some confidential files were compiled between 1959 and 1985. The scoutmasters justified their actions by saying that it is compulsory to protect the hard work and character of their scout boys of the nation. However, details of this incident were clearly mentioned in a report of secret perversion files of 14500 pages. This report was released on Thursday after the order of Oregon Supreme court. It was also mentioned in the report that military officials provided full protection to the sexual killers and there was no complaint filed by the victims. All victims were forced to suffer in silence.

This file includes all the information regarding sex abuse allegations from small towns of Adirondacks in United States to the major cities like Los Angeles. A news conference was held on Thursday in which a Portland lawyer Kelly Clark criticized the scout organization for their illegal act of keeping the files secret. Clark, a winner of landmark lawsuit against scouts, said that it is illegal to keep secrets about danger hidden from young children. All the confidential files were presented to Jury in 2010 in an Oregon civil suit. Oregon civil suit ruled the file but did not make it public. However, after intense criticism and objection, these secret perversion files are now finally released to public. The secret perversion files are kept in headquarters in Texas. Along with this file, there are also a bundle of memos from national and local executives, newspapers filled with information about these illegal cases and many handwritten letters from various victims and their parents. In addition, all the information and articles about the proven molesters and uncorroborated accusations were attached within this file.

Although many of the content in these files have been written years before but this is the first time, those files are brought into the public domain.  In many cases, it was found that officials of the organization were also kept unaware of the alleged abuses to the scout boys. Another important point to note is that no attention was been paid to the welfare of the victim scouts who were illegally abused by their scoutmasters. However, some documents attached with the file reveal some form of medical treatment offered to those scouts.


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