Three shot and killed at an auto racing event in the Great Lakes Dragaway, Wisconsin


At least two of the victims were from Aurora, Illinois. No one else was injured. “They have no idea what happened, what caused this,” the sheriff said after getting a statement from friends of the victims. The suspect was described in an initial description as a black man in his 20s, wearing cut-off blue jean shorts and a black hoodie, with hair on the top of his head and shaved sides. It’s unclear whether he left the scene on foot, by vehicle, or whether he was still out there Sunday night.

Emergency response at the scene of shooting

The type of weapon used in this incident is unknown.  No suspects were arrested. More than 5,000 people were at the raceway. The event included drag racing, tailgating, live entertainment and a car show. In the past, it had attracted persons from Milwaukee, Chicago and other surrounding areas. “This is isolated and this is somebody who had a grudge with somebody and they came here and they really ruined a family event for people,” Brian Mitchell, Great Lakes Dragaway volunteer said to media. Highway KR was closed from the Interstate 94 to the scene.


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