A member of “Ripper Crew” criminal group in Chicago is scheduled to be paroled In September, producing public outrage


Thomas Kokoraleis, 57 now, his brother and two other men, were part of a satanic gang that drove around in a red van looking for lone women to kidnap, beat, rape, torture and kill. Many of their victims were abducted in broad daylight and in well-known public places. It has been said that those who partake in ritualistic killings do so due to a belief that they will be granted supernatural powers.

Old and recent image of Thomas Kokoraleis

The criminal group was leaded by Robin Gecht. Even if she was tortured like the all the other victims, one of them., Beverly Washington, was dumped by the railroad track .with one breast completely removed but managed to survive. She was able to provide detectives with specific details pertaining to her attackers and the vehicle used in her abduction. Despite the eyewitness account, the testimony against Gecht was ultimately found inadmissible in court. His accomplice’s who informed detectives of Gecht’s role in the murders, refused to testify against him. However, Gecht did confess to the brutal attack on Beverly Washington and was ultimately charged with attempted murder, rape, and battery, for which he was sentenced to 120 years. Being 63 old, he has a parole date in 2042. Edward Spreitzer was initially sentenced to death, but the sentence would later be commuted to life imprisonment. Andrew Kokoraleis was sentenced to death. He was executed on March 17, 1999. People are outraged knowing Thomas Kokoraleis could be seen in the streets. Prosecutors are fighting to keep Kokoraleis behind bars.


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