A huge chicken balloon, joke with message, was installed overnight in Washington, near the White House


It’s not the first time the huge figure has been seen. It made an appearance in Wisconsin during an April protest.Now. it was reportedly the handiwork of documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar who declared on media he installed the 30-foot Donald Trump-inspired chicken balloon on the Ellipse, just south of the White House, to call attention to what he viewed as the President’s “weak and ineffective” leadership, accusing him of “playing chicken with North Korea.” Brar said he obtained all necessary permits for the installation from the National Parks Service and the Secret Service.

Huge chicken balloon near White House

But “Trump chicken” made its public debut late last year after a sculpture of the design towered over shoppers at a mall in Taiyuan, the capital of China’s northern Shanxi province. Miniature trinkets and inflatable imitations like Brar’s soon became available on Chinese online shopping platform Taobao, where Trump chicken balloons ranging from six to more than 33 feet tall sold for between $75 and $750. Brar bought his “30-foot chicken Don” for $1,300. After this apparition in Washington people discussed about on social media. Even if it has a message, finally it’s only joke. Nobody officially commented on the fact.


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