A Michigan man died drowned with $45,000 lottery ticket in his wallet


, a Michigan man, 57, died with a winning $45,000 lottery ticket in his wallet, police said. It’s believed he drowned during an accident on his boat, as his body was found on a Saginaw Bay beach alongside his boat. He won $45,000 playing Club Keno, a Michigan Lottery game but he couldn’t immediately collect the winnings because he didn’t have a Social Security card which was required to proceed. He applied for another but before it arrived in the mail, he was found dead. According to the Michigan Lottery website, winners must present the original winning ticket, an unexpired photo ID and an original social security card in order to claim a prize over $600.The autopsy performed on his body not revealed nothing to be suspected.


The sleeping variant followed by a fell in water during a storm was considered as the cause of death. He had head injuries consistent with hitting his head on the boat. The winning ticket was given to Jarvis’ family. “A week prior to Greg’s death, he was lucky to win a Club Keno jackpot and he was in the process of claiming his earnings,” the obituary read. „If desired, memorial donations made to Heart and Stroke Foundation would be appreciated,” the family said.