Woman sentenced to death in Arizona for first-degree murder

A Valley in Arizona woman, 29 old, was sentenced to death late Monday in the killing of her 10-year-old cousin Ame Deal in 2011. He was locked in a trunk as punishment for stealing a frozen treat from the refrigerator and has died suffocated.

The child was found dead the next day as temperatures surpassed 100 degrees. Convicted of first-degree murder, Sammantha Allen became the third woman sentenced to death in this state. She was also found guilty of child abuse, intentional or knowing child abuse and negligent child abuse. The jury deliberated for more than a week. They considered her age, her dysfunctional upbringing and the fact that she had no prior criminal record. But they determined the horror of the crime outweighed all of those.

From the Facebook page built to honor Ame's memory

"We the jury duly impaneled and sworn in the above entitled actions upon our oaths having considered all the facts and circumstances unanimously find that the defendant should be sentenced to death." What strongly  impressed the jury was the fact that the woman did not seem to be sorry about her role in Ame's death. The woman had been on trial in Maricopa County Superior Court since May. Allen's husband, John Allen, also is charged with murder and child abuse. He has pleaded not guilty, and his trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 9. Three other family members are already in prison for their roles in the case.