A young man who sexually molested a 16-year-old girl during an United Airlines flight was a doctor


The girl notified the crew of the man’s behavior and moved to another seat. She also told her parents about the incident upon landing. However, United Airlines did nothing to prevent the man from leaving the airport. The FBI participated to investigate in the case. They provided photos and the girl was able to identify the man.


Surprisingly, the 28-year-old Vijakumar Krishnappa from New York City is a foreign doctor studying in the United States under a fellowship. Krishnappa has been charged with knowingly engaging in sexual conduct with a minor. Being released on $50,000 bail he was placed under electronic monitoring and asked to avoid any future contact with minors. Krishnappa  denies the charges. The girl’s family has also filed a complaint against United Airlines for failing to detain Krishnappa after the incident. “The safety and security of our customers is our top priority. We take these allegations seriously and continue to work closely with the proper authorities as part of their review,” the company affirmed. They also said “we are also reviewing the way that this situation was handled on-board and after the plane landed in New Jersey.”


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