A woman was reunited with her abducted daughter after near 15 years


Angelica Vences-Salgado, a Clermont woman, has been reunited with her daughter, who was abducted from their home nearly 15 years ago. She received a call from Mexico from her abducted daughter, Jacqueline Hernandez. Authorities were able to verify girl’s identity as Jacqueline Hernandez, now 19 years old, and reunited her with her mother. Police later released a photo of the two embracing. It also was a media event.“This is a prime example of what can be accomplished when multiple law enforcement agencies and their respective communities work together and maintain open lines of communication,” Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway said. In 2007, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said Hernandez was “allegedly abducted by her father, Pablo Hernandez,” on Dec. 22 of that year, with an unclear motivation. They now have an active warrant for Hernandez’ father, 43, believed to be in Mexico. Pablo Hernandez’s current whereabouts were not immediately clear. Clermont Police are now working with the FBI to apprehend Mr Hernandez.


It’s unclear why Jacqueline Hernandez decided to reconnect with her mother nearly 14 years later. The family is currently declining media interviews, and details on Jacqueline Hernandez’s life since her kidnapping have not been released. Ms Hernandez however told on TV she had a good childhood but always missed her mother. Ms Vences-Salgado told media that spending so much time without her daughter was hard.