Many injured people in Los Angeles after two cars collided near a restaurant


A van and a pickup truck collided and the van jumped a curb and careened into a crowd of bystanders at an outdoor dining area at a popular local restaurant. One of the injured persons, a 44-year-old man, was in critical condition. Other three were in serious condition. Two injured women collapsed as they tried to run away.

Accident near a restaurant in Los Angeles

The driver, 39 old, blew through a red light and struck another car at an intersection, was arrested. After accident, he came out of the van and appeared disoriented. After, he re-entered the van and possibly had the intention to go but was hold by witnesses. “Everyone was just in a panic,” the owner of the restaurant said. Pieces of fried fish were scattered on the ground, amid splatters of blood, debris and articles of clothing at the scene of the accident. The other motorist, who was a driving a gray Ford truck, wasn’t cited and was able to drive the vehicle away around after about two hours. Influence of drugs or alcohol are not suspected as the cause of the accident. Terrorism is also not involved.


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