Virtual kidnapping is a new way to scam people in the U.S.


The LA Police Department says it has received more than 250 reports of these crimes over the past two years, with victims paying at least $100,000 (£76,820) in ransom money.The FBI believes thousands of calls have been made to US victims primarily from Mexico. The victims are called by someone who falsely claims to be holding a loved one hostage. The criminals scammers ask victims to pay ransom money urgently. They try to stop the targeted person to contact their relatives demanding the victim to stay even for hours on the phone. Usually, information obtained from social networks are used to create a such situation. (This should be a warning for people to not more transfer on Facebook details of their private life like sharing kids photos and various aspects of their daily activities).

People are scammed by phone

In some cases, even an altered record of the voice of a person, obtained by various methods, was presented at phone to urge the victim to send money. Screaming sounds were also used. It happened even to a LAPD officer to be targeted by virtual kidnappers and he described it was a very stressing situation because although he did not recognize the voice he could not take the risk of ignoring the call in case it was his daughter.


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