The tallest man in America died aged 38


Igor Oleksandrovych Vovkovinskiy, – a 7-foot, 8-inch-plus Ukraine native who lived in Minnesota – has died from heart disease at the Mayo Clinic Hospital Saint Marys campus in Rochester, aged 38. Just hours before his death, Vovkovinskiy was able to spend time with his brother’s family and had his last dinner. This special man left Ukraine as a young boy to treat a tumor pressing against his pituitary gland, leading to his immense size. He was crowned as America’s tallest living man in 2010 by by Guinness World Records. He had difficulty performing routine daily tasks like getting into cars or finding desks to accommodate him while at the Minnesota School of Business. In 2012 his feet had grown to size 26 and he had to pay with public help $16,000 for specially made shoes but received them for free. Vovkovinskiy’s health issues worsened in recent years and he struggled to walk. He also had diabetes.


Vovkovinskiy appeared in movies and shows throughout his life, including the 2011 film “Hall Pass” with actor Jason Sudeikis and the 2013 “Eurovision Song Contest” during which he carried the Ukrainian contestant on stage. His funeral home online obituary stated that the enjoyed spending time with friends and family, occasionally fishing and traveling.