Incident occured at Ohio amusement park Cedar Point roller coaster


Unexpected incident occured at Ohio amusement park Cedar Point roller coaster. Witnesses called 911 at the scene because a woman was struck by an object that flew from the park’s popular “Top Thrill Dragster” roller coaster while she was waiting in line. It was a metal debris. First responders raced to help. The park said the ride was ending its run when a “small metal object” detached from one of the cars and hit the woman. In other opinions the object that hit her head was the size of a football, like a metal disc. One park-goer, trauma nurse Dave Vallo, was standing just behind the woman in line when she was struck and she helped. The victim was conscious. The unidentified victim was later moved onto a cot, brought to an ambulance just outside the ride’s entrance and transported to Fireland Hospital’s emergency room for treatment.


The ride, which is 420-feet tall and goes from 0 to 120 mph in 3.8 seconds, was inspected by the Department of Agriculture in May. It is now shut down, pending the outcome of the investigation. The park did not have an update on the woman’s condition. A second annual inspection of the ride was scheduled for September. The ride is required by law to be inspected twice a year, with a minimum of two inspectors performing each inspection. The park has a history of accidents, some being the fault of the park and some being the fault of guests who weren’t following safety procedures.