Hillary Clinton Takes Responsibility for the Death of US Officials in Libya


She confessed that the security of US diplomatic overseas officials was the part of her job and these deaths are her failure to comply with that. Republicans had continuously been criticizing President Barack Obama for this unexpected incident. With Presidential election approaching near, Hillary Clinton took the responsibility of the incidence and in a way relieved President Obama of the blames Republicans have constantly throwing at him. Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger, is expected to raise this issue in second debate with Barack Obama. But, with Hillary’s statement Obama might just have found a scapegoat.

In an interview to CNN, Mrs. Clinton took the responsibility and said that she is responsible for the security of US officials that are working in various countries of the world. Critics have also argued upon the fact that, claiming responsibility of the deaths is nothing but an attempt by Mrs. Clinton to take the blame on her and thus protect Barack Obama’s reputation. With dismal performance in t he 1st Presidential debate, President Obama has to remain strong especially if he has to retain the lead in swing states.

Mrs. Clinton also confessed that she is trying her best to protect US president. She further said that being a part of state department, she had to focus on what was happening and what could happen.

She said that she is working day and night to prevent any external power to intervene with U.S. government.  She further added that, the government doing its best to keep its citizens working in other nations, safe and protected. She also mentioned that, providing security to US officials was her primary responsibility but since she has failed in doing so in Libya, she took responsibility for the mishap.

She also said that a team employed by U.S. government is trying hard to track the killers of US officials and hopes that justice will be done.

Critics have been critical on this issue. A congressional committee of US claimed that they heard about the weak security in Libya before the attack on US officials. In addition, some reports also suggest that there had been many requests to the state department for extra security in Libya.


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