The US Navy’s active laser weapon is more precise than a bullet


It’s also a very rapid weapon which can change he target in an instant. The principle is “point and shoot.” The shoot can be repeated if needed or the initial target can be negated. The targeted point is instantly headed to a temperature of thousands of degrees. The strike comes silently and invisibly. “It operates in an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum so you don’t see the beam, it doesn’t make any sound, it’s completely silent and it’s incredibly effective at what it does.”

The laser weapon

The collateral damage is reduced. The weapon is operated by a crew of three people. And the cost is one dollar for a shot. The research will be continued and the power extended. Another thing is also very important: the laser weapon can be used to target a missile. The system was first tested in 2014. The Navy spent about $40 million over the past six years on research, development, and testing of the laser weapon. It was not designed or deployed specifically to be used against any one particular country. Humans are not a target of the weapon under stipulations of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.


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