A fast-moving sinkhole in Florida, Friday, destroyed two houses and threatened many others


It is full of water and not draining because of debris. It’s also looks like it’s full of household chemicals and septic tank parts. A boat on one property was falling into. Nobody was home at the first property. People returned home in time to see the rest of their house destroyed. “They were unable to get any belongings. Everything they owned was in there.,” Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy Jay Murphy said. Twelve homes were in danger Friday morning. Land O’ Lakes officials say it may be a while before streets near the sinkhole re-open.

The sinkhole in Florida

Pasco County records show the houses were built on the site of a sinkhole. As a common known cause, because sinkholes are particularly common in Florida, many sinkholes form when acidic rainwater dissolves limestone or similar rock beneath the soil, leaving a large void that collapses when it’s no longer able to support the weight of what’s above. Sheriff Chris Nocco urged people to stay away from the neighborhood. A fence will be erected around the affected houses and roads will be closed. After many hours, the sinkhole was considered dormant. “We have not had any significant movement in the last hour and a half,” Kevin Kuthrie, Assistant County Administrator communicated. He also said this was the biggest sinkhole his colleagues have seen in nearly 30 years. Multiple state agencies, including the Florida Division of Emergency Management and the State Department of Environmental Health were on the scene to assess the sinkhole.The Red Cross will be assisting evacuated residents who need a place to stay.


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