New York City’s battle with rats will receive $32 million financial support


“We refuse to accept rats as a normal part of living in New York City. This $32 million investment is a multi-pronged attack to dramatically reduce the rat population in the city’s most infested areas and improve the quality of life for residents,” the Blasio said. “Minimizing food sources and available habitats” for the rats are intended.

New York City

The number of rats in the New York City was estimated to be  2 million. Since the beginning of 2017, the New York City Health Department has received more than 10,000 complaints of rat sightings. On more than 15 percent of the more than 24,000 properties inspected in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx the rats were observed. The plan will begin to roll out in September, and multiple city agencies, including the Sanitation, Parks and Health departments, will be involved. New trash compactors and new trash baskets will dramatically diminish rats’ access to food sources. Proposed legislation would also regulate the hours garbage could be left at the curb, and increase fines for illegal dumping. “Simply exterminating rats wasn’t enough. It’s good. It’s been helpful. But as we really looked at the facts it’s basically like bailing out a leaky boat.  It would just come back we were not as a city solving the problem,” Mayor de Blasio explained.


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