A 15-year-old girl in Illinois shot to death her adoptive mother and conspired after with lesbian friend


Investigators determined that on the night of July 6, Schroeder waited for her mother, Peggy, 53, to return home from work and shot her with a .38 revolver in their living room. Rachel Helm told police that she went to Anna’s home after the . They worked cleaning up the blood, without expected results, so the cleaning operation was resumed next day. The body of the deceased victim was moved into Peggy’s bedroom.

Scene of the crime

On July 8, the two suspects decided to burn the house. Police believes it was Rachel who set the fire in two rooms in the home. Anna was then arrested at her father’s home by the Bureau County Sheriff’s Department at around 2 a.m. on July 9 and admitted to the crime. Anna is facing charges of first-degree murder, concealment of homicidal death and arson. Rachel Helm has not been charged with a crime at the time of writing. They will both appear in court on August 8. Police determined the two girls were in a lesbian relation but the motivation for the crime was not yet found. The old sister of Anna, Kaylene, said that she and Anna had been adopted by Peggy, a divorced woman, who “gave us a second chance at life.” She also appreciated Peggy as “the kindest person.” In the social media, Peggy Schroeder regularly commented on Anna’s posts saying many times she was “very sweet and beautiful.” So, why the crime was committed ?


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