Liberty Hall Museum in New Jersey discovered bottles of wine 221 years old in its wine cellar


It has an historical value but now it became known for another fact: a six month restoration project at the museum unearthed cases of wine nearly as old as the United States, almost three full cases of Madeira wine dating to 1796 which is still drinkable. Liberty Hall President John Kean said he sampled the wine. He compared it to a sweet sherry. The Kean family took ownership of the estate in 1811 and has owned it since. s The museum also found 42 demijohns, large glass jugs, dating to the 1820s. Researchers were able to trace how the Madeira wine was shipped in from Portugal and rebottled in Philadelphia by a man named Robert Lenox. His name is still legible on the bottle. In 1796, a family in New Jersey stocked up on wine, in anticipation of celebrating America’s second president, John Adams, who would take office in March 1796.

Madeira old wine

Madeira wine, made on the Portuguese island, was a popular drink for settlers in America. British colonies in America were buying 95 percent of the wine that Madeira produced. The wine is owned by the museum. The museum said the monetary value of the wine cannot be made public but some experts said the value should be up to $25,000 a bottle with possibility to be increased at auction.


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