Protests with injured victims outside a Koreatown spa on Saturday in Los Angeles about transgender rights


At least one person sustained non-life-threatening injuries when demonstrators clashed outside a Koreatown spa on Saturday after a transgender woman apparently disrobed in an area reserved for women. A woman complained to Wi Spa USA workers about this. The workers stood by the trans woman and said legally they cannot discriminate against her. A few far-right protesters appeared to be outnumbered by those favoring .Video showed demonstrators clashing with each other and with police who formed a line between counter protesters and protesters. Images show people wearing masks and flak vests, some of them carrying weapons and others waving signs or flags. A dumpster had been dragged into the middle of the street, with its contents burning. Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly in the afternoon.


A lawyer representing the spa, Peter F. Jazayeri, said in a statement Saturday that the business is abiding by California law that prohibits discrimination based on “gender expression.” The LAPD confirmed officers had taken control of the situation a short while later. LAPD Officer Mike Lopez, a department spokesman, told Fox News Saturday that no arrests had been made but at least five crimes had been reported against five separate victims. Police were looking for numerous suspects. The Korean spa, which charges $25 to get inside, has been a hotspot for celebrities ranging from John Travolta and Johnny Depp to Demi Lovato.